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About this Blog  updated  March 2018


I started this web blog as a way to reach and warn investors thinking about buying rental property as an investment, specifically when considering IPX as their go to in accomplishing this goal. So far it has been viewed over 2300 times by hundreds of readers.  I hope I have helped just one investor to avoid our situation.

What is "our situation?"  We bought 9 investment properties from IPX in 2015.  Not only did we not get any return on these investments, but as of March 2018 we have lost almost $250,000.  We are currently in litigation against IPX for what we consider to be consumer fraud relating to our transactions.  At the very least, the one legal complaint that will survive a challenge to the complaint is negligent misrepresentation of the investment.   We are hoping the courts will let our fraud complaints go forward.

This blog details what we did wrong, what IPX did wrong in our opinion, why the properties lost so much money, and expanded to include information on other IPX investment opportunities (Esmerald Luxury Resort for one).

I am not a professional web site designer and have been on a steep learning curve to make the site work for the readers.   It is still a far cry from being the kind of site you can navigate easily.  But I'm trying.   

You can leave an anonymous comment by simply creating an alias name when you post.  Many IPX's investors need that anonymity because we have suffered the wrath of IPX for negative comments we have made in the past

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