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ALL about Membership

NEW..... Members Only Chat !  The purpose of the chat is to give my readers a place to connect, discuss issues, and help each other work through them.

Participation will require readers to become a site member.  To join, click on the Member tab in the site menu at the top of this page.  The process is a familiar one, with some special twists.  You will be able to sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google accounts.  I recommend you use the email option, so other members will not have a direct link to your Facebook account, and you personalize your member profile for this site.

Important:  Your profile name is a default extracted from the email address.  You may select ANY NAME you want for your published member information.


Just like Facebook, you will have the option to select any image (or no image) for your profile picture and even a cover picture or background of your choice.  Be creative!  Many members have been endlessly creative already.

In your profile is an "about" section.  Tell the other members why you are interested in this site, or anything else you want to share.  You do not need to enter anything in the about section.

Each member gets their own, private member page.  On that page you will be able to edit your profile picture and cover image as you wish, and change your About statement.  To edit that information look for the three dots on the right hand side.  Click there to get to the editor.

That's it, you're done!  Now go read the How to use the Forum from Nana.

To see all members, click on the little people icon at the top of the member page.

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