IPX Investing:  The Aftermath
Did you invest with AZ Investment Property Experts (IPX) and the now deceased crook  Daniel C Butterfield?
Then this is your sad story. 


Congratulations Evie Carey !

Congratulations to Evelyn Carey on the official launch of her new business, GreenLeaf Capital Venture. She offers Deed of Trust investing, IRA rollover and SDIRA management services, investment property acquisition, broker services and more. Visit the website at https://gleafinvesting.com/ She never fails to amaze me with her drive and determination. I wish her great success. I will use this blog to help promote her investment opportunities, so stay tuned!

Had to share this

So many of us are in the of mature citizens category, and a few of you might have some old biker friends with whom you might want to share this awesome image. Two comments from our friends we sent this to: "I will have to put fringe on mine." "Mine will have flames" Enjoy

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