IPX Investing:  The Aftermath
Did you invest with AZ Investment Property Experts (IPX) and the now deceased crook  Daniel C Butterfield?
Then this is your sad story. 


Investors Defrauded of $27.67 million by Daniel C. Butterfield

The Arizona Corporation Commission has issued this press release regarding a Consent Order with Butterfield. PROMISSORY NOTE INVESTORS DEFRAUDED IN $27.67 MILLION MEXICAN REAL ESTATE PROJECT Daniel C. Butterfield, AZ Investment Property Experts, LLC and Sandy Beach Esmeralda Development, LLC The Commission ordered Daniel C. Butterfield of Phoenix and his affiliated companies to pay a total of $27.67 million in restitution and $125,000 in administrative penalties for defrauding investors with promissory notes funding a Mexican real estate project. The Commission found that the companies promoted the real estate investment to at least 136 investors, including through advertisements on a Phoeni

Drip, Drip, Drip

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Commission Meeting Tuesday - Your chance to "Go On Record"

I will discuss this in more detail on the blog. This is an Open Meeting ..... the media WILL be there, they always cover ACC Open Meetings. THIS is your opportunity to support the Order, oppose it, or comment on the whole process. If you have been unhappy with this entire process in any way, you can speak to that. The meeting is broadcast live and comments (that will be read and entered into the permanent record) can be submitted in writing, and you can also call and have a telephonic "appearance" during the meeting. You can also ask "What happens next?", when he defaults on restitution. I think they expect attendance and comments. 10:00 AM Tuesday May 21 I say that because it has been mov

Daniel, IPX & the AzCC Make a Deal

The complaint of multiple security violations filed against Daniel Butterfield by the AZ Corporation Commission has resulted in multiple orders that now go before the Commissioners for approval. The orders include an Order for Restitution to the investors in his Mexico Esmeralda project. By signing the orders he avoids a full hearing and possible conviction on the charges. If you are a member of this website you can log on to the forum for more detailed information.

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