IPX Investing:  The Aftermath
Did you invest with AZ Investment Property Experts (IPX) and the now deceased crook  Daniel C Butterfield?
Then this is your sad story. 


When Daniel Looks in the Mirror...

Does he see the wreckage he has left behind him? OR Does he honestly "see" the person and scenarios he created in this Letter to Mexican Officials he sent? Daniel has been communicating via subscription SMS text messaging about his desperate measures to correct the mistakes he made regarding his ownership shares in Esmeralda and the other assets in Mexico. In a recent message he forwarded a letter he sent to Claudia Pavlovich, the Governor of Sonora. Excerpts follow... full text link https://www.dropbox.com/s/9oennxahyk1b7i5/butterfield%20letter%20authorities.pdf?dl=0 "Precisely given my prestige as an investment administrator, I began a capital management business, managing residential or

Back to the Forum....

The member forum is busy again now that Butterfield has been sending out his SMS messages. If you haven't read the forum in a while, you really should check out the new posts and comments. Daniel has warned everyone to (verbatim) "Be careful with who you listen to and the misinformation that is available and being spread.", and that is a good warning. According to him, any of us seeking other sources for information and wanting to get both sides of the story so we can make our own decisions about what to believe have been "commissioned by Nick to twist the reality." He can't possibly mean me, as I certainly have not "been commissioned" nor am I trying to do the twist. I'm just looking

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