IPX Investing:  The Aftermath
Did you invest with AZ Investment Property Experts (IPX) and the now deceased crook  Daniel C Butterfield?
Then this is your sad story. 


Who / What Was Daniel Butterfield?

In my last post I said I had lots of old court records from Minnesota and Arizona that I was preparing to share with everyone. I asked the question if there was any interest now in these documents that reveal a Daniel you didn't know. Readers responded "Yes", for various reasons. One investor said it might be cathartic release for him to understand how he became just another victim of this bad man. So, I have some of them available now. This is my DB in Minn file. There is a new tab "Historical Documents" where they are available as PDFs. The first group of seven are all from Minnesota - the State's case against him and the resulting Consent Order, and from his bankruptcy there. Daniel had r

Writing the Final Chapter - repost

Coming Attraction ...... the Epilogue stay tuned..... From January Post ... The ending is not what I had anticipated. It will take some time to rework the plot and finish this. This blog has been the story of my 2 year long crusade to ferret out some truths for my readers and my attempts, along with others, to seek a measure of justice for the victims of Daniel Christopher Butterfield. It was an all consuming obsession for me. There have been weeks where I spent 60 hours between research, phone calls with investors, emails, text messages, visits to the court for documents, attending court hearings, and the time spent on my own litigation against him. Some weeks involved very intense and urg

Daniel Butterfield dies in rollover accident today in Puerto Penasco

Daniel Christopher Butterfield March 6, 1973 January 10, 2020 Periodico de Frente reports: Rollover leaves a deceased American man in Puerto Peñasco A man identified as Daniel Butterfield, 46, died after his vehicle rolled over on the Costa Diamante Boulevard (at the location of the wind fan), on the morning of Friday, January 10. It was around 1:42 a.m. when the mishap was reported, with paramedics responding. Upon arrival, the paramedics found the man, apparently the only passenger on board, 8 meters from the vehicle which was 10 meters from the road.. Still alive, the injured man was transferred to a private clinic in the city, where he later died from the injuries he sustained.

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