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Where, oh where, do I start ?

Investing our retirement money in real estate is a long, sad story that will take time to document and explain. So I'll just jump off and go for it.

It is not my intention to educate you about how property investment with Investment Property Experts of Phoenix, AZ (hereafter name IPX) or anyone else is structured. For that you can go to an IPX workshop (they are free) or watch their videos available on the IPX web page.

I believe very strongly that with the hard lessons we learned as we ventured into the attractive world of real estate investing I have an ethical obligation to make others aware of the pitfalls of property investment we encountered and educate potential and current investors on how to avoid the mistakes we made.

My first full post will be a bullet point list of what we didn't do right or smart from the get go and how you can learn from us and be a wiser investor. Further posts will illustrate how not doing these things left Tom and I feeling like the biggest fools on the planet .... and has caused us more stress and grief than we thought possible.

Thanks for visiting.... keep coming back. You simply won't believe how totally stupid we were! Have a good laugh at our expen$e... and heed our advice. Yes .... thanks Bill Engval...we got our sign!

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