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Don't even buy from Grandma without

an SPDS (Residential Sellers" Property Disclosure Statement)! Not from IPX, from your neighbor, from Mickey Mouse, or Donald Trump without an SPDS! You will need this information for future reference when you decide to sell. And, it is required of the seller by law! Today, everyone buys "As Is", but that does not release the seller of their legal responsibility to disclose. IPX has, to this date, not given us an SPDS for any of our properties even though we have requested them. And that is on us for not asking for it prior to purchase. Her's my sign! It is making it very difficult for us to provide relevant property information to our prospective buyers of any property improvements, the scope of renovations, age of appliances, water heaters, air conditioning units, roof leak issues, or any of the myriad of issues a buyer wants to consider. Just a caution to prospective investors regardless of where you acquire you property.... always get an SPDS. It will serve you well in the future.

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