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In the red $262,000

We are simply not the kind of investor who can lose this amount of money. Honestly, we may have to sell our home in order to just survive until we die! It is a reality we just have to face. We aren't the first, nor will we be the last, people to lose everything. And we didn't expect the fantastic ROI Daniel said we could make. We would have been delighted to put our $$ to work for a few years with a very modest gain. We should have done DOT's only!

We have sold 3 properties.... for a combined loss of $21,000. Have one for sale below our purchase price and it isn't selling. A fourth IRA property is coming vacant, and it's current market value is just barely at our purchase price, and we are into it for $30,000. With DOT financing, nothing has been paid on the principal to help offset the losses over time. Details on some of the properties to come.

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