OMG! Our appraisals!

Seriously? IPX didn't get 3 of our properties to appraise at the contract sales price... [these 3 were our conventional loans]. So they submitted their "comps", and asked him to amend or at least reconsider his appraisal? What the frig!

That is pure gold for our claim that our IRA property values [anyone heard this? You don't need to spend the money for appraisal and inspection, after all, how can we do business if you don't trust me!]] were grossly inflated! And, of course on the prospectus, DB was giving us a big discount over actual value. I would LMAO if I wasn't crying about all of this.

If you have properties that were appraised, look at it. Of course, we never received these and I recently requested them from Wallick and Volk. With an honest sale, your agent gets the appraisal and shares it with you the buyer. Then if you want to counter or back out based on it, you can,

To get more info on this... I will post actual details in the Willetta post to come. Oh, did I mention the nice stainless steel appliances there during appraisal? No one has seen them since! THAT is downright illegal!