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We have served Daniel

Will he really want to go before a jury who will hear our story of alleged consumer fraud? Juries are well known to dislike people and actions they perceive as abusing of old people and intentionally defrauding them of their life's savings. They just love to catch the big fish.

He will argue that we did not do our due diligence when buying..... and we didn't. Why? Because he sold himself and the business as the EXPERTS and seemed to have many satisfied clients. But it seems that most of IPX's testimonials were from deed of trust clients, not property buyers. Hell yes, they are happy, and we made 6 more of them very happy.

Well, with what we have in our legal complaint it will be interesting. But I think we can make a rather compelling argument. They will love it when they hear the recording of our meeting with him about one particular property and he tells us we should put $25,000 into renovations to sell. WHAT? We supposedly bought it already renovated. How does he defend that?

And the inflated purchase prices...... I know, here's our sign. But there is a very clear pattern of selling to us above the market, to say nothing of the many issues related to the property condition.

Discovery - Now that will be very interesting. We will get to see records of renovations. I sure hope they are in better format than the hand scribbled notes he produced during our meeting. And then we can find out why one investor got them to buy back a property that he then sold to us. Gag orders are not enforceable when you get subpoenaed!

Stay tuned, but the justice system is not quick (contrary to very speedy trials on the TV show Bull). It could be a year before we seat a jury. In the meantime, maybe I will share with you some of the particulars on our properties.

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