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Because you asked for this

I have had so many visitors ask for information on the Esmeralda Luxury Resort investment opportunity that I am going to post some reference materials for you.

Be aware that we are not investors, fortunately. First, we couldn't meet the accredited investor threshold. If you invested and wonder if you meet the requirements it is well defined on the SEC Gov website.

IPX's most recent filing with the SEC states the all 144 investors who have purchased the private placement security in Esmeralda for a total of $26 million, states that all investors meet the accredited investor requirements.


to view the SEC filings log on here and on the right hand side enter the CIK # 1542009

Definition of accredited investors can be found here ( enter accredited investor in the search bar) along with a plethora of important investor resources. Your security note is under the information found under the heading 506 offerings

I have other information to pass along soon.

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