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Members are Rockin' It

Members are talking. There are some incredibly creative profiles. To see them, join up.

If you are a member, you will like the new look of the forum. I finally worked out the editor problem and it is cleaned up now. Members, you should also subscribe to get notification of new blogs.

Thank you all for the very kind words of thanks you have sent to Nana. This is not what I ever intended to do with this blog, and I am truly sorry that it has come to this. I have become the lightening rod in this whole IPX investor disaster. I am the only contact out there for them.

Honestly, it has made me an emotional wreck. I cannot even begin to calculate the time I have spent emailing and talking to investors and their concerned friends and family from all over the country since April 2. I have been moved to tears hearing the individual stories. Your despair and anguish is so palpable it hurts.

So many of you literally have every penny of your life's savings at risk. One man in particular invested everything he had saved for his kids' college education in Esmeralda (his everything was $100,000). His plan was to collect the interest for 2 years then cash out. He choked up on the phone when he said he didn't know how to tell his oldest that college was now not an option for him.

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