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When Daniel Looks in the Mirror...

Does he see the wreckage he has left behind him?


Does he honestly "see" the person and scenarios he created in this Letter to Mexican Officials he sent?

Daniel has been communicating via subscription SMS text messaging about his desperate measures to correct the mistakes he made regarding his ownership shares in Esmeralda and the other assets in Mexico. In a recent message he forwarded a letter he sent to Claudia Pavlovich, the Governor of Sonora. Excerpts follow... full text link

"Precisely given my prestige as an investment administrator, I began a capital management business, managing residential or commercial projects through master plans and earning projections, inviting investors to join the business,..over the years achieving a portfolio of investments and investors that have trusted in the legality and security of my management, the vision of the undersigned" , undersigned is Daniel.

His references to the ACC actions against him for multiple violations of Securities Law read this way - and "the project" refers to Esmeralda -

"The Securities Division of the ACC also became concerned given their work was to protect investors in Arizona. The ACC launched an investigation into the project March 27, 2018." "To protect the investors, their capital payments and interest, an agreement and resolution was signed with the Commission on May 27, 2018, to have the opportunity to move the project forward." Is THIS how he sees it?

If you want to read all of the SMS messages, they are on the Member Forum.

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