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Writing the Final Chapter - repost

Coming Attraction ...... the Epilogue

stay tuned.....


From January Post ...

The ending is not what I had anticipated.

It will take some time to rework the plot and finish this.

This blog has been the story of my 2 year long crusade to ferret out some truths for my readers and my attempts, along with others, to seek a measure of justice for the victims of Daniel Christopher Butterfield.

It was an all consuming obsession for me.

There have been weeks where I spent 60 hours between research, phone calls with investors, emails, text messages, visits to the court for documents, attending court hearings, and the time spent on my own litigation against him. Some weeks involved very intense and urgent issues, and 60 hours is on the low side. Rare was the day when I did not go online at the Court and the Recorder's site to see what was new. I have probably seen every Deed of Trust he has on the EFP properties, as well as having bank records showing that he used recent DOT money to run his MX PIX office and pay MX legal fees and rumored bribes.

I was preparing to post many documents from my files this month. I took a self imposed holiday break, or you would have them already. Daniel was not who he seemed to be. What I have to determine is if anyone is even interested in what I have now?

Is knowing that Daniel was not what you thought be a salve on your wounds? Does it help to know you were not his first victims, only his last? That he was essentially a crook before he ever came to Arizona? Do you want to read what he did to people in Minnesota and the State's charges against him? That he habitually lied to the courts in MN and AZ?

Do you want to read the 2016 court case of the IPX PPM 1 investor who did not want to extend and asked that his note paid on the maturity date? That's very interesting reading, especially his deposition. Read the lies in his Quiet Title court filing this year? Oh, once his lawyer found out that Daniel had lied to him and the court, he withdrew.


Maybe the words on the in the image above is all the final chapter needs to close this book.

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