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Who / What Was Daniel Butterfield?

In my last post I said I had lots of old court records from Minnesota and Arizona that I was preparing to share with everyone. I asked the question if there was any interest now in these documents that reveal a Daniel you didn't know. Readers responded "Yes", for various reasons. One investor said it might be cathartic release for him to understand how he became just another victim of this bad man.

So, I have some of them available now. This is my DB in Minn file.

My DB Minnesota File

There is a new tab "Historical Documents" where they are available as PDFs. The first group of seven are all from Minnesota - the State's case against him and the resulting Consent Order, and from his bankruptcy there. Daniel had repeatedly stated that the bankruptcy was more than 10 years before he issued the Esmeralda notes, but that is not true. Yes, he filed in Sept. of 2005 BUT the full release of the bankruptcy did not occur until 2007. I included the 3 adverse filings in his bankruptcy proceedings (the #1, #2, #3 files) because they further detail what Daniel did to these poor people.

The PPC documents are the first two (I have more to scan) in the 2015 case of the first, and only, IPX PPM note investor who was not paid off when his note matured. What disturbs me is that this was all recorded and available at the courthouse before anyone ever signed their "Esmeralda" IPX notes. It is amazing that no one did thorough research of him and IPX and discovered this case. AND, why did Mr. Lohmeyer not try to warn future investors of the dangers of this man? I know that settlements contain language prohibiting any disclosure of the terms, and his may have included more to keep him quiet. In my settlement with Daniel, he wanted me to delete this website. But this was never discussed during the settlement conference with the Judge, so I said "Go pound sand! That ain't gonna happen." I think (hope) I am allowed to divulge this.

I will have more coming, and will post those updates on the forum

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